When will the Coffee Brewer start shipping?

Indiegogo orders will begin shipping late November 2018. All other preorders will begin shipping late November and early December. Be on the lookout for several pre-holiday flash sales we will be running with distribution partners.


What is your international shipping policy?

Orders to be shipped outside of the USA are subject to additional shipping charges, as noted before checkout. International orders may be subject to import/duty/taxes. These additional cost are the responsibility of the receiving party. 


Will the mobile app work with my phone?

The Cora App is compatible with iPhone (4S and newer) and a handful Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. Please note that the Cora App may not be tested on all Android devices, however is known to operate well on Samsung and Google Nexus/Pixel devices. The iOS version of the Cora App operates on iPads as well, however a native iPad version has not yet been released. 


Is the Coffee Brewer microwave / dishwasher safe?

The Ceramic Carafe of the Cora Coffee Brewer is dishwasher safe, however should never be microwaved. The Carafe features integrated magnets that allow it to attached the Bluetooth Smart Scale. These magnets may causer fires or extensive damage is microwaved. The Smart Scale should never be placed in a dishwasher or microwave. 


How do I order wholesale?

Please use the Contact page below to discuss wholesale opportunities. 


Any other questions?

You can reach us at the Contact page below for any additional questions or inquires.